Dorian Rex

I’m Elisa Ciregia, aka Dorian Rex, I am a digital artist.

I’m writing to show you my photo manipulations. All that you see on web are photo manipulations (all photos are mine, I do not use stuff of other people) and I like a lot join the old concept of art (uniqueness) with the contemporary (digital): each photo is unique. No copy. I hope you will appreciate my artworks, Elisa Ciregia/Dorian Rex

10603320_762694423772556_3992057263341965819_n 12289623_973317846043545_2463308430016310655_n 12294854_973317666043563_4891846295232731000_n 12308751_976098459098817_6174433226553855858_n 12314136_974147559293907_4164092028115086018_n dorian_rex_001 dorian_rex_002 dorian_rex_005