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Dramatic seascape photos of the raging ocean in Australia | Anton Gorlin

Dramatic seascape photos of the raging ocean in Australia | Anton Gorlin.

The storm is one of the most impressive weather conditions existing. And the storm at the sea is even more so! Menacing clouds, angry wind, mighty waves – everything adds to the drama. Of course, it can be dangerous and the photographer should be double careful and alert.

Different weather conditions require a different approach to the photography. For the flowing water, the long exposure works best. And short exposure is the choice for the waves. I don’t focus on just one technique and try to find what’s appropriate for the weather.

The series showcases storms I have photographed in Sydney, Australia across different months and even years. Through these photos, I want the viewer to feel gale wind, to smell salty spray and to enjoy the raw power of the raging sea.

Dramatic seascape photos of the raging ocean in Australia | Anton Gorlin

I felt too tired for no reason and didn’t want to go shooting sunrise. All the more so the forecast offered 97% cloud cover and average 1.7m waves. My wife insisted to set an alarm and have a look at the clouds in the morning. And so I did.
At 3.50 I still felt tired and had low energy, but rugged clouds seemed promising and after 10 minutes, during which all steps of acceptance passed (denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance) I gave up and started gathering things.
…Fast forward to the beach…
This was one of the best and most diverse sunrises in the last few months! And the best thing are occasional huge waves, which I adore and always hunt.
Thanks to my wife.


Found a nice rock platform around 20m in width. I figured it was a dangerous place – in case of big wave I won’t be able to run away, it’s limited by the heap of rocks on one side, wall on other side and a little ultra slipper rock hill on third size. But again I took my chances and decided to give it a go.
In 20 minutes there were 4 or 5 big waves. I stood them all but one. I saw it coming, the wave was definitely 3m+. I didn’t have time to run away. So I tried to stand firm. But still it knocked me down with my leg stuck between the rocks. I had to wait holding camera as high as I could before releasing my leg as otherwise I’d lose my shoe. I was all wet up to down. And also heavy rain commenced. But I got some great light, weather and adventure smile emoticon
Nikon D750 has a good weather sealing as does Tamron 15-30. So hopefully it slides.

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