Portrait of Kangaroo 12

Drawings of ‘Foley’ a two year old red male kangaroo
by Michael Chorney

Year: 2015
Size:  Drawing 1110 x 1720mm
Media: Conti and graphite on frame stretched paper.


All drawings are on 280gsm premium quality paper fully glued to plywood or MDF timber sheeting. The sheeting is first framed as per an art stretcher timber frame which is glued and screwed to maintain rigidity. Before the paper is glued and shrunk onto the panel both sides are sealed with a water-based PVA white paint to prevent any movement /distortion of the panel by atmospheric moisture. The edges of the panel are slightly bevelled and the paper is wrapped around to the back of the frame.


The drawing series “PORTRAIT OF KANGAROO” has  one objective:
To create a collection of large drawings which capture the essence of facial characters found in various species of Australian Kangaroos using nothing but high energy expressive black lines on white paper.


The style of the drawings can only be described as a controlled expression of raw energy released through a handful of black line types having the emotional qualities of rhythm, speed and direction, a signature expression of Michael Chorney.


I work from observation and photographs doing preliminary drawings for the purpose of removing all elements that do not directly contribute to the character interpretation of the subject – the Kangaroo.