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Dream of Freedom | Ivana Živić

Dream of Freedom | Ivana Živić

Observes the world of emotions – artist’s own but also ours – through the lens and a metaphor of water. The element of water lends itself as a time-honoured way to describe internality through the gamut of its representations: flow, current, rush; power and surge, turbulence or a smooth glide; drive or dive. The often solitary figure of a swimmer is the character that experiences, and becomes, the story.
Technically a very adept painter, Živić doesn’t discuss the uncomfortable topics of the world around us, instead choosing to reference her emotions through a highly aestheticised set of metaphoric chambers through which the body of a swimmer moves, flies, dives with natural ease. The two elements of the story – the swimmer and the chambers – are positioned as a natural response to an unnatural situation: the spaces appear fixed and real, whereas the swimmer appears fluid and dreamlike, an astronaut cruising its own universe.

2020, 120×120 cm, oil on canvas

2022, 120x120cm, oil on canvas

2021, 120x120cm, oil on canvas,

2021, 120x120cm, oil on canvas,

2021, 120×120 cm, oil on canvas

120×120 cm, oil on canvas, 2021


Ivana’s paintings are characterised by exploring the interiors submerged underwater in a unique blend of realism, fantasy and montage. Executed with great finesse, the viewer feels enveloped by these spaces populated by a single presence of a swimmer exploring the inner world of emotions. In the life of every individual and in all areas of social life emotions have an enormous significance. To understand them means not only to know better yourselves, but also to better understand another person as well.

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