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Dream within a dream


I’m a portuguese photographer based in Lisbon, city of light and sea. Photography came into my life many years ago and since then, my heart just got stuck in this personal form of language, where I don’t need any words to express myself.As an artist, I’m always trying to reinvent myself and my vision. I’m always trying to learn new techniques and I love making new experiences.

I’m a life lover, a traveler, a dreamer and what I love the most is to capture souls, new cultures and stories. I still believe in human nature.

I feel that I still have so much to live, to travel, to see, to feel and to witness, that this is just the beginning of my journey. And I hope that this is a journey I will remember when I grow old and proudly talk about it to my kids. So, welcome to my little world and keep following my works, my experiences and my life and my hidden language, if you want to. There are always new updates to come.

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Blog: http://patriciamarquesprojects.tumblr.com/
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/PatriciaMarquesProjects