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Dreaming child series

Filip Dacevac is a Serbian mixed media artist.   The Dreaming Child series still has all the swirling blacks, whites and grey to leave Dacevac’s haunting signature, but this time, he’s left a blinded mark.  As he nears the end of a work, Dacevac blindfolds himself and paints what he calls the “little performance in my feature, [the] moment of expression with closed eyes” which, to Dacevac, connects him to the portraits.
Dacevac on The Dreaming Child Series:
“Bad dreams and nightmares are an integral part of childhood because through them… children make sense of bad and unpleasant events. When the child wakes up crying in the middle of the night and complain[s] that [there was a monster in the dream] you know that it [seems very real and scary for the child.]
Ask your child to draw his dream if he wants to, because this can be a way to “clean” negative emotions and fear. [Then have the child] draw a new drawing in which, for example, a monster that scared him is little like a mouse, or in a cage.”

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Dreamig child series no.2