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dreaming machine I-VI

I work with a wide selection of natural media and found pigments; by experimenting with the nuances of their behaviour I convert them into sociocritical illustrative works.


Dreaming machines I -VI

I used for the painting brewed grounded coffee and black ink. In the Dreaming machine IV and VI, I added a red and blue pigment color.

In the detailed Dreaming Machines you can lose your self and relax your mind to be free from your concerns and thoughts about your past or future. It allows your interpretation and imagination to be open.

Dreaming machine I

dreaming machine I


Dreaming machine II

dreaming machine II

Dreaming machine VI

dreaming machine VI

Dreaming machine III

dreaming machine III


Dreaming machine IV

dreaming machine IV


Dreaming machine V

dreaming machine V


Dreaming machine VI

dreaming machine VI