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The dreamy autochrome portraits of 1913

The dreamy autochrome portraits of 1913

Apart from being  one of the greatest British engineers and  head of the Royal Aircraft Establishment during WW1, Meryn O’Gorman was also an artist and an early pioneer of colour photography.  Many of his images including the portraits of his daughtrer Christina from 1913 are exhibited as breathtaking  early coloured photographs.

The beach images capture Christina in every other scene wearing a red swimming suit which flatters her strawberry blonde hair. Images of his wife Florence and second daughter can also be found in this series.

OGorman_01 OGorman_05O'Gorman_03O'Gormon_08O'Gorman_02O'Gormon_04O'Gormon_06 OGormon_07

Via (Thisiscolossal.com)