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Dreamy Coney Island, Brooklyn – Fine Art Photography

When Mina Teslaru frames Coney Island, the sea takes on another more pronounced blue and the golden sand glistens.

The multicoloured swarms of people stand out as do the rides and attractions that appear to pierce the clouds above. An accent of past happiness floods the hazy images of saturated colours. Perpetually opposing technical perfection and uncertain visual recollection, the photographer transforms and plays with her pictures to highlight the timelessness and magic of her subject.

– Born in 1982, Mina Teslaru is a self-taught photographer based in New York.

“Browsing through my repository of images, I started to be attracted by a subconscious theme running through the work that was induced by childhood memories of the Black Sea: an archive of nostalgic moments mapping my own displacement in the New World.

Roaming between panoramas and close ups, all the new, the lens of time over exposes the old glam in subconscious dreamscapes.”  – www.minagraphy.com