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Dreamy Landscapes in Rich Layers of Color by Russian artist Anastasia Trusova

Dreamy Landscapes in Rich Layers of Color by Russian artist Anastasia Trusova.

I was born in a small Russian city. The financial and political situation in the country did not offered many opportunities. You had to take care of yourself, from the shelf there was nothing. At the age of four, I took painting lessons. In addition to this, I had other activities: cross-country skiing, trampolining, chess, floristry and Russian folk dance. After the age of 7, I started partitipating in a Russian art school – 5 days a week after regular lessons. Looking back: it was hard and difficult time, bau I was always happy and did not miss a thing. We had rivers, lakes, swamps, forests. There were few cars, we could play on the streets and spent a lot of time in nature. All activities took place in and with nature. During this time I have learned to recognize and appreciate the beauty of each tree, each sunrise. I have a very special relationship with trees. These protect us against rain or sun, they change constantly and none is like the other.
The years passed and at the age of twelve the passion for painting remained and even increased. For more of Trusova’s impressionistic paintings and dive into her process on Instagram, and shop prints and originals on her site.

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