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Droodles (doodles+reflection)


Its fun experiment with mirror, doodles and photography.

I choose the name “droodles” because it consists of environmental reflection and then a doodle which connect these two different world.For this project I traveled around some parts of South India and taken the shots with my iphone/ipad then I doodle on it. This is a 30 day project which I did last year.

The idea came out from a instagrammer “the_reflectionist” I mixed it up with my doodles and the result is the droodles

12142518_961728060541315_1403477944_n 12120371_1068413396503030_633277136_n 12093481_462066277306311_346855080_n 11007884_1665130200420013_531285384_n 12142342_847617978686796_721454759_n 12063006_841941412585814_370588589_n 12120278_197483793916999_1116290169_n 12135426_965908636816613_628978454_n 12142183_1515240462123144_1565902156_n 12093417_890266817694587_624481700_n

doodles + reflections

doodles + reflections


Hope you enjoy the series of photos from my instagram too