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DWYS2 – (Dancing With Your Self 2)

Loud music and no lights. This is the essence of artist FBarella’s work.

However there is no use of digital editing to join images. This process happens naturally through a technique known as multiple exposure.

Everyday people dance to their favorite songs with minimal interference from anyone. In complete darkness, the artist triggers the flash mechanism to the played rhythm.

San Martins: businesswomanDWYS2 - San


Romão Martines: Engineering studentDWYS2 - Romão


Ana Idris: database programmerDWYS2 - Ana


Paula Palmiere: ActressDWYS2 - Paula

Vanessa Santos Uchoa: TherapistDWYS2 - Vanessa

Learn more about this and other works in FBarella – Artist page  on Facebook

FBarella is 40 years old live in the city of Campinas in Brazil’s  and performs his work always with volunteers.