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Dynamic Landscapes in the World of Black and White

Dynamic Landscapes in the World of Black and White.

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The beauty of landscapes runs deeper than the reds and oranges of sunset and the many greens of spring. They are dynamic, restless and full of contrasts, with elements which are harsh and soft, permanent and transient, inert and alive. They change from second to second, from year to year; clouds take on new forms, birds pass, snow falls and melts, branches grow. Look again and the scene is different.

I have attempted to document the ever-changing nature of the landscapes I have encountered, each photograph including and drawing attention to elements which make the landscape dynamic. In addition, by working in black and white, I aim to highlight the basic components of each scene, without the distraction of colour, unmasking the shapes, patterns and contrasts which lie within and revealing a different, beautiful and constantly changing world.


As a scientist by background,  photography represents both a contrast with and an extension of my formal training: it contrasts with confines of a formal working environment and the nature of the work itself, bringing the opportunity to interact with and probe the outside world; yet it represents an extension because creating photographs involves continuously experimenting with and analysing approach, technique and subject matter, looking to find and capture the simple beauty of complex surroundings. Working in black and white, my focus is on both landscapes and, at the other end of the visual spectrum, urban scenes. My approach is to attempt to use the camera to bring out the elements of our environment which often remain unseen, creating a window onto a new and fascinating world.

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