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The idea of the project is to try explore the internal processes of the human being under two different contexts, the social context and spatial context.

This work shows the relationship between the human being and himself transiting through these contexts in a timeless way.

The project is represented under some intimate dreamlike scenes; where the subject is going to interact with an environment and how this environment affects him.
Im applying to this residence because i want to work in a different environment, to see my project from another point of view that gives me an impulse to reflexion and to the questioning of ideas.
This project is not just about to express something , its the desire to generate in the viewer an intimate dialogue with the work.
I’m interested in to speculate and to live the stages of experimentation because there, is where we grow; thats why i don’t work with a unique technique, to let the project be wide, so thats why i like to use different materials; like acrylic paints, oils, under various textures such as canvas, wood or textiles.8 7 5 5 2 2 2 2 1 2 1