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Earth is art


I am a self taught artist, based in Sweden.

I tend to treat every piece of art I work on the same, without expectations.
I let my vivid imagination and natural fondness of earthy colors dictate the path in which the artwork will tread. It’s amazing how the creation of a painting has the potential to be an experience for you, if you just take a step back and let the colors guide you.

On a more technical note, I often start by laying down a basecoat of acrylic, often simply to get the splashing of colors out of my system. Once I get the foundation down I use oil to accentuate different parts of the acrylic. The trick here is to take your time, layering in the oils and letting the painting speak for it self.

NeverEnding Risfält Crystal Cave Earth is art
Face your fearswww.sannanevanenart.com