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Earth by José Sintnicolaas

José is a Dutch mixed media artist that has been living in Asia for over four years.

After a fulfilling career in business she started her second career as an artist. With great enthusiasm and passion she dedicated her time and passion to art and went to the Art Academy, followed Art History and drawing courses. When she finished the Art Academy in Belgium she moved to Shanghai where she developed her career as an artist. A few years later she moved to Singapore where she works and lives.

José has a loose abstract style of working with mixed media on canvasses.

Her artworks have a roughness that gives the eye the opportunity to finish the work and see what one images without any need for explanation. Her series Earth is a celebration to the planet and expresses the elements of the earth before humans were there. She uses materials such as glass, sand, paper and spray in her works to create textures and rawness. This original state of our globe is to make humans conscious that damaging the planet can not go without consequences on the long run.

As a result of travelling all over the planet her subjects are often inspired by colours and structures seen in nature.

She exhibited in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her website is called www.dutchartistjose.com