when i was a kid , my grandfather told me a story about a small castle, built between 11th and 14 th century in Austria ,it was once richly furnished, but during the Balkan campaign, the soliders of Suleiman the Magnificent destroyed the lavish interior. Later, the castle belonged to a hungarian prince, who removed some of its valuable furnishings in 1946 and took them to Romania.
After WWII, the Soviets reopened it as a small factory, bought by my grandfother, but in 1958 the old castle caught fire and burned for few days, destroying the last of its interior beauty.
Few years later ,my mom inherited the rest of the building and tried to restore it .After a long time of abandonment, she offered it to me as a gift in my birthday, at present, it becomes my loft , my corner, my insparation source that i’ve designed myself, i made every details that you see in this photo with love and passion.

i was joking, i was just  unleashing my IMAGINATION.
I am from Tunisia , living in Tunisia, Nothing is True about the story but Everything Is Possible with 3D, i call this CGI : computer graphic IMAGINATION