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Edoardo Dusina Portfolio

I’m an 17 aspiring photographer that explore the world from a different perspective trying to catch a different vision of the ordinary. This is the my personal photo portfolio.

Because of my young age and my inexperience, I cannot affirm to have a favorite style, one on which I excel, rather… quite the opposite: my “training” is still long, but if I must dare, I would aim a lot on the portraiture, the astrophotography and the landscape photography. Well, very different styles each other, requiring different skills but they still fascinate me. 

My photographic career began like a trend (I’m relatively proud of being able to recognize it) but fortunately with the passage of time I’ve appreciated more and more this art and the personal change that this passion has given me. The “road” ahead is long, but through this personal photo gallery, I hope to show to an audience as broad as possible my skills and likewise the mistakes committed by me and the stylistic inaccuracies.