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Education reclaimed

Sheets from old textbooks

Sheets from old textbooks

middelmann2015newsNewspapers soaked and dried on wood frame

reclaimedbooksmiddelmann2015textbooks reclaimed

paitingdeconstructed6Old canvases reclaimed

salvagedmiddelmann2015Reclaimed Canvas

Naomi  Middelmann’s work explores the question of identity, personal history and overall artistic conventions.

  When Middelmann was handed various elements from her personal history two years ago, she decided to transform these elements (over 200 of her own school textbooks, her diaries, letters, cards and pictures frames, string, and cloth), into sculptures and installations. Restoring them to their natural state of seeds, sticks and logs is an attempt to explore the question of identity, of reclaiming a childhood of displacement and lost identity, her own high level education, and the physical weight of a personal history which has made her what she is but does not define her.

  She then disassembled and reassembled her own canvasses and frames in an exploration again of  identity, the relevancy of painting today and artistic conventions in a series of work called “painting deconstructred”.  What interested her is what happens when the reverse side of the canvas is displayed or when the canvas remains raw and unprimed, when bits and pieces are reassembled.