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El ojo de oro

El ojo de oro is a poetical collection of embroid photographies made by Lila and Louis two french artists.
Louis is a photographer and a traveller, he spent his last year in Bangladesh, working for an ngo shooting the different places and the people of the slum he worked with. He created a collection of beautiful pictures. He shot this hard place in a very poetical way, everything seems peacefull and quiet. His point of view was to tell the daily life of the people here and to show the simplicity of living , little beautiful moment of sharing.

Lila is basically a paper artist and an animation director.She use to creates fantastic world and surrealistic situations. The colors and the graphic game inspired her and she decided to embroider louis ‘s photography to bring some fantasy to the hard world of Dhaka.

the smile fake stripes the keepers the boy with leaves tatoos fireworks in dhaka mystery flower tea time dreamy door sun