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Elegant embroidered sculptures that capture the delicate beauty of nature in knotted threads.

Meredith Woolnough – Embroidery

Meredith Woolnough’s elegant embroidered traceries capture the delicate beauty of nature in knotted embroidery threads. Through a delicate system of tiny stitches she creates intricate and complex openwork compositions that are then carefully pinned in shadowboxes, just like preserved specimens.

The work maps the frameworks of the various veining systems found in nature to create work that explores the balance, harmony and connectivity of life on Earth. Inspired by the patterns, structures and shapes found in plants, coral, cells and shells Meredith’s embroideries represent both the robust beauty and elegant fragility of life.

Meredith is an internationally acclaimed, award winning artist from Newcastle, Australia. Her work is held in public, private and corporate collections worldwide.  http://www.meredithwoolnough.com/

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