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The project that I am working on right now, called imaginary destinations, is a personal metaphor of the 3D virtual worlds.

With this project, I intend to reflect on the relationship between the real and the virtual, through the pictorial and the digital, combining paintings, digital photography, 3D computer graphics, augmented reality, virtual reality and augmented virtuality.

In the creative process, I combine my 3D models with my digital photographies and I used to use as references, some elements from photographs with “no known copyright restrictions” (with and average antiquity/age of 100 years) for the preservation of the way in which they dressed, principles of architecture of the Belle Epoque period, etc. I try to create the New Belle Époque imaginary destinations with a little fantasy, an air of sophistication and add my personal form of surreal humour, to create a parody or fine amusement but without any lack of respect for people.

In its next phase, based on the opinion I will have from the public, I will select one of this pictorial or digital images and I will transform it in a virtual world. In which end users will can interact with each other through online 3D avatars (inhabitants and visitors).

In the last phase of the project, I want to convert the exhibition spaces into hybrid imaginary destinations, and the public into avatars (inhabitants and visitors), focusing on everything from real to virtual including, virtual reality and augmented virtuality, investigating what motivates users in different use cases. In relation to can reflect about it, is my intention to provide the project with a theoretical context through a wider set of issues. Boat-ride-on-the-old-timesquare-Imaginary-destinations-Acrylic-on-smooth-linen-Jose-Galant DEL-BURDEL-DE-AVIÑON-AU-BATEAU-LAVOIR-acrylic-on-smooth-linen-canvas-JGALANT.COM-josé-Galant Oniric-Salzburg-Acrylic-José-Galant_opt The-Magic-Boat-José-Galant