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Elizabeth Lasley mixed media

Lasley uses grids in her mixed media work as a way to give depth and color to each work.

She builds each piece with layered paper, and allows the color to show through and then paints images on top. Lasley’s work explores the combination of negative and positives spaces within the grid and uses these spaces like a map to explore the subject. work. By combining these elements and mediums, she hopes to bring a sensitivity to each piece.

Elizabeth Lasley, Numerology

Elizabeth Lasley, Numerology

Elizabeth Lasley, mixed media, Untying the Knots

Elizabeth Lasley,  Untying the Knots

Elizabeth Lasley, mixed media, Vertical Visions.

Elizabeth Lasley,  Vertical Visions.

Elizabeth Lasley, mixed media

Elizabeth Lasley, More Men Like These


elizabeth_2, Mon Jun 15, 2009, 11:02:27 AM, 8C, 6000x8000, (0+0), 100%, bent 6 stops, 1/60 s, R56.7, G47.7, B64.6

Elizabeth Lasley, Brothers Sailing