Elizabeth Sagan Transforms Her Library Into Imaginative Scenes

Elizabeth Sagan Transforms Her Library Into Imaginative Scenes.

Elizabeth Sagan Transforms Her Library Into Imaginative Scenes

23-year-old sagan  has been sharing her love of books with her 100,000+ Instagram followers for several years, but never seems to run out of creative ideas.  as she developed her style the photos got steadily more complex and creative and today her creations include inspiring literary scenes from her massive collection of books.

“So for more than a year I didn’t touch any other book in this series. Until exactly 20 days ago when I was in the mood for something heartbreaking and I remembered Sam (there was a small fanfic that I read on Insta that reminded me of him). So I started The Assassin’s Blade and rolled my eyes so much I swear I could see the back of my head. Still, I didn’t like it. And after finishing it, on a whim, I started Crown of Midnight. Cute, but average. But it made me read Heir of Fire. And oh boy.”

Each book cover  from cascading waves, shooting stars and intricate wings,  spines and pages to create captivating designs.


You can see more of Sagan’s book installations on Instagram.

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