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Emotionally evocative paintings of everyday modern life, by Jonathan Gleed.

Jonathan Gleed is a Canadian west-coast painter whose works explore natural and engineered environments.

Gleed chases after the ever-elusive glint of subtle beauty in everyday modern life. His central ambition is to evoke emotional vigor in those who view his paintings.

He chooses his subjects based on the message that they present, however subtle; through how they might fit into the composition and how they interact with the light and shadows, and their color. The subject guides Gleed as to how he should approach the piece, delving into the abstract if it is deemed important to tone down any “noise”. Gleed is very conscious of the relationship between his paintings and the viewer. He paints for himself; but because he feels that he must communicate though his pieces, the receiver of the message is always in the back of his mind.

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"Lost In Thought" by Jonathan Gleed

"On Ramp" by Jonathan Gleed

"City Glow" 18"x24" by Jonathan Gleed

"A Million Thought" 48"x48" by Jonathan Gleed

Without Options by Jonathan Gleed

"Inertia" 9"x12" by Jonathan Gleed

"Consequences" 30"x30" by Jonathan Gleed

"Water On Gler" by Jonathan Gleed