Emptiness is Balance


Digitized mixed, found media.

Born/raised in Lakewood CA, a burb of Los Angeles, son of an artist and inventor/electrician and mom who took great care of all of us. I’ve done art-stuff all of my life and now ,make a living doing Graphic Design (Web primarily although Print is still in my graphic vocabulary of skills) and Art.

Majored in Fine Arts Studio at Kent State University and graduated from Denison University with a BFA (minored in Philosophy at both) that to me is comparative to a Masters from some other schools – that’s how intense and quality ridden the art department is at Denison. My major area of concentration was/still is Mixed Media although I have to say that the computer as paint brush is been my favored tool of choice for the past some 12 years. It’s a lot more versatile than one might think it is. Couple it with an over-sized scanner, Wacom Cintiq, Nikon D32, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Smith Micro Poser, Adobe Illustrator, and some other stuff one can a lot artistically.

From my days driving and walking around seeking out found objects and strategically making my works I have allocated and used my working philosophy of incorporating these objects into a visual lexicon that symbolically and allegorically speak along in narratives that are sometimes and somewhat autobiographical but also entrenched in the human condition of the self overcoming fear and desire as looked at as a Buddhist strives towards the state of being one with the bigger picture and the world and all us folks in this world. In other words, I document my journey as a Buddhist/Taoist in this Western World through my artwork which for me is the easiest language to speak. I use a symbol-language to do so that is often esoteric and also exoteric.

Series from 2012-1013:



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