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Enamel meets art

 Enamel meets art | Small things count

Pha, it’s difficult to write something about myself. I would prefer not to do it, but it’s seems there is no way out :) Well, I am a person who tries to find harmony with the world through doing what I like most of all (I guess like many of you). And it consists in designing and creating jewellery, also reviving Ukrainian goldsmith tradition and giving it a modern touch. So thanks to this blog and every single post I make a little step towards fulfilling my dream. Would you join my journey?


The photos below represent a modern version of the Ukrainian traditional pendant called dukach. My aim was to create a new type of dukach, which would incorporate elements of traditional ones. This pendant was born as a result of the Ukrainian and Renaissance influences.

Pendant: silver, cloisonne enamel
Patterns: inspired by Vasyl Krychevsky and Albrecht Dürer.
Colour solution, design and realisation: smallthingscount
Idea of enameled dukach: smallthingscount

Enameled pendant by Small things count.

Enameled pendant by Small things count. Technique: cloisonné

Enameled pendant

Enameled pendant by Small things count: close-up.


Enameled pendant represents the portrait of a young Venetian woman by Albrecht Dürer

The final pattern you see is a result of inspiration of Vasyl Krychevsky works. He was the creator of Ukrainian modern style, which came in turn from Ukrainian folk decorative art. I slightly changed the form of the flowers in order to adjust them to cloisonné technique and the colour solution is also mine as usual. What I like most of all about this butterfly is special blues: cobalt blue, which is one of my favourite colours, and the blue I got from light blue and cobalt blue (layer over layer). I think it will be better exposed on the photos of the entire piece I will publish soon. So keep following the blog!

That’s the outcome: all layers are filled and fired. The piece must be polished and it will be ready to become a part of a necklace.