Enchanted Woods – Soul (Land)scapes by aldafea

Within my paintings I dream about very old untouched places in nature, where maybe some strange and wise spirit-beings would live.

So I don´t paint real existing places, but my work is often inspired by my walks in the woods.

It´s a great wish of me to bring to live, the places seen in my mind´s eye. I like to create a vision between reality and fantasy, as if the places in my fantasy would be real places in nature. In this process I try to find a connection in a span between atmosphere and the details of the place, I like to create.

To make the work more real or more interesting, I really love to experiment with different materials and techniques of painting. One technique, I invented, is the “relief-bump-technique”: I model the details with modelling paste first and paint it afterwards. So the impression of my painting changes, if you change your point of view.

Personally I think there are too few untouched places in nature. Nature needs time and privacy to grow into its full potential. If you ever felt the energy of an ancient tree and the place around, you know what I refer to… those places are very rare and precious. Being and resting there could be a great help for us, to get into touch with nature, our self and our soul.

Heart of woods

Secret Pond

Tree of wishes





Green Moon

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