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ENIGMA from Ruslan Rakhmatov

ENIGMA photo project is an incredibly beautiful series of artistic photographs, fascinating and captivating with their naturalness and mysteriousness.

The exhibition features Renaissance-styled shots capturing sensual and romantic, sight-arresting female characters.
The project was inspired by the German music band Enigma, which is also the Ancient Greek word for mystery. This fact was vividly reflected in the photo series created by Ruslan.

Ruslan Rakhmatov is a talented photographer, author and participant of numerous photo and media projects including his personal photo exhibitions ENIGMA (2018), BLACK IS SHADOW (2015), Street Art project photo show, Perekrestki.Street dance media project and many others. Ruslan is also a first place award winner of Art Limited Awards 2018 in Portrait category. In 2019 he became a jury member of the international contest 35 AWARDS.

Since 2013 Ruslan combines his creative work with teaching. Driven by the idea of developing photography as art and striving to share his experience to help other photography fans get on their creative path, Ruslan created his very own Ruslan Rakhmatov Photography School.


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