Enjoy the Fade

Enjoy the Fade – The wolf of Artists street



A mind without imagination is just a forest without trees

A mind without imagination is just a forest without trees


‘Long Dark Road”

Double Exposure

A long road for millions of steps searching for surprises in the darkest moments


“New Exposed York”

Double Exposure

A city with different kinds of aliens



Double Exposure

A skull stands for many meanings, an angry wave doesn’t “Perfidious”



PicsArt_1454200883944Mixed media drawing inspired by “breaking bad Walter white”


“Life Track”


One straight road with difficulties is the only way to success.


“Into Her Mind”

double exposure

Counting a woman as an open minded human is a power the world can’t handle


“Paris with Love”

Double Exposure

Eiffel Tower, the tower where beast turn into love birds


“Skull City”

double exposure

A city that defies gravity, the skull city


17 years old Lebanese/Armenian artist inspired by double exposure photography and architecture. Most of the drawings are mixed with buildings/cities, a unique way to show different characters of human beings using a graphite pencil!


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