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The young artist painter from Cholais in France, Pierre Chabiron, focuses his work on humanity. Multicolored and figurative portraits.

Coming from a family of artists with a sculptor father and a stylist mother, the young man has always had an artistic flair in the blood. Nourished by art from an early age, he has always felt the inspiration and the need to create. Lucian Freud, Raphael, Leonardo, Jean Michel Basquiat, Egon Schiele, Kokian, Edward Hooper, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Phillipe Paqua, Janny Saville as well as his father were the source of emotions and of pictorial appetite with this young artist.

After a degree in Applied Arts, he then studied at the Sepia Brassart school in Nantes where he graduated in Graphic Illustrator that will enable him to carry out a business as a graphic designer. Besides this professional occupation, he constantly gives his passion free rein for the painting in his studio.

As a figurative painter, Pierre Chabiron is looking for a fusion of expressionism, symbol of magnificence and neo expressionism to highlight the problems that lie dormant in each of us. He elaborates his paintings based on the idea that each of his touch of painting serves as luminescent and colorful pixels. Therefore, the abstraction creates figuration and emotion, the feeling. The technical and chromatic research is consistent in the work of this painter where bright colors are in contradicton to the subject by his intrigued look. Through his portraits, he faces up humanity through the feeling he wants to awaken.Afrique 1 Maxanart Facebook Nouvelle toile BD avec coupure pierre chabiron hommage Paris FB pierre chabiron entre corp et esprit fb pierre chabiron Nouvelle toile 100F FB

http://pierrechabiron.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ChabironPierre/