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Entwined in dream’s vessel

Entwined in dream’s vessel Analyzing works which have high level of elegance and exactness in performance is always so exciting.

The fact that an artist spends a lot of time to perform some works and presents the final outcome, well, is very admirable. Of that, we can point to working with pencil, pen or rapid. Mostafa Akbari is an Iranian artist from Tehran who presents his works in shape of designing with rapid. An artist who started working from anatomy painting since the time he was 15 years old and gradually found his path in the world of painting and graphic, with experiential learning. From Mostafa’s point of view, exactness is very important in performing of the work. because of that, he always used the smallest size of rapid or different painting-brushes in presenting his works. Although, working with these sizes takes a lot of time, the joy of discovery and exact performance has always had a high place. Among the selected works of Mostafa which were presented in the exhibition entitled “Entwined in dream’s vessel”, we saw works which were presented from the pictures of human drawn with the rapid. works were limited to red and black and also with high level of precision in performance to show a combination of a human alongside of lines similar to the human’s vessels is so admirable. Regarding style of the works and his points of view about the presented designs, Mostafa tells: “Entwined in dream’s vessel” was a sketch shaped out of my writing and an idea i had for designing one of the theatre posters… Birth-Life_Death was the main point of this collection. In this collection’s paintings, life is between the birth and the death. In fact, birth enters the framework by a line and then, happenings and life are shaped in a mysterious ground and then, exits from another side. This movement and narrative is dreamy. In fact, you are connected to the world with an umbilibal cord, live in a dish called “life” and then go from this world, alone. During these complexities and intricacies happening in the lives of the humans, there are some realities like disease, loneliness, sadness and happiness which are mixed with dream. actually, from birth to death, dream never leaves you alone. Many of the audiences of this collection ask me “why red?!” and i was telling them of the mysterious nature of the blood. Living fluid streaming in your vessels which covers your dreams or in another words; is weaved to sides of your dreams. Paintings and shapes of the faces are drawn out o these realities, and of course; most of the works were about cancer and cancerous children and these qualities are presented in form of poem or a piece of writing beside the works.
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