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Escalate into self-knowledge | Irina Petricescu

Escalate into self-knowledge | Irina Petricescu.

This project is one that speaks of a rise in emotional self-discovery of a fragment of personal life. It is an exposure of a common fear of insects called “Entomophobia”.
    Entomophobia is an irrational fear of arthropods that causes an emotional reaction, a panic attack or anxiety.
    Panic disorder is characterized by the occurrence of spontaneous panic attacks, anxiety, manifesting differently from patient to patient, but there are some common reactions such as difficulty in breathing, palpitations, sweating, trembling limbs, dizziness, loss of balance and blurred vision.
     Arthropods are invertebrates that have their body segmented and they are classified into 5 major types including one extinct: trilobite, an initial numerous group of marine animals that disappeared, arachnids including spiders, scorpions and mites, millipedes, crustaceans, hexapoda containing insects along with 3 other smaller categories.
    It is assumed that a person with such a phobia would be impossible to carry out an insectarium. Hence this project was born out of the desire to conceive a insectariums of arthropods “trapped” against this disorder, putting myself in front of this phobia, and so trying to climb a step toward self-knowledge.

      This self-reflection, I had it conceive in the form of pictorial drawings, counting 16 arthropods chosen randomly, painted with woodstain on sheet of 210g, 17 / 17cm each, with the pen and wash technique , monochrome, in the style of Steampunk giving them extra plasticity and individually placed in boxes of pinewood with glass on top, to be exposed following the model of real insectariums.

A video of the process of making one of the insects:

Process of the insect

Driven by the impact of this project, with help from the WSup Shop, did 5 smaller and very sticky insects.

And for the love of walls, completed me very own first graffiti with spray cans. Done in Vilnius(lt) with Loop Colors.