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Esoteric energy drawings

Majority of works of this series were created on the basis of cosmogonic myths of nations of the world. In the drawings, symbols and signs of various cultures are used. The color supplementing graphic figure in each work is allocated by symbolical value.

Sign of Harmony of Elements

Sign of Harmony of Elements

The sign of unity of elements Yin and Yang is shown here extended, making rotary movement. By means of color properties of elements and their increase is underlined. The symbolical petals of a lotus bordering the sign show a role of heart as receptacle of harmony. Petals are opened to symbolize secret aspiration to merge with a deity. “Open a lotus of my heart” – one of the buddhist pray begins. We could open it only with love to all particles of divine spirit, we would learn in ourselves the harmony of opposite things…

Roots of Life in the Beginnings

Roots of Life in the Beginnings

Feminine and masculine beginnings, Yin and Yang, water and fire, Venus and Mars are the primary creative forces of the Nature. The egg from an antiquity symbolizes the Universe, a living matter and the spirit, incorporated in the sleeping condition. A beam of the Atman – fire of spirit, the Root of the Life, animating living matter.

Maitry descends from the Moon

Maitry descends from the Moon on a white lioness

The goddesses of fertility of all world are tight connected with the Moon. Maitry is the collective image of many goddesses, one of them is kenyan goddess living on the Moon. Every year, in the beginning of the rain season, she is descending to the earth riding the white lioness. She comes quietly under the cover of night and where she passes by, everything growns and blooms, people and animals are giving birth to children, the springs start to run from the ground. The goddess must not touch the ground neither with hand nor foot, for she is so powerful that excess of her enrgy could lead to flooding or volcanic eruption. So she rides around the world and go back to the Moon.
In India, at the Kullu valley, there is similar goddess of Khirman-Devi, which also descends on the white lion. Amazing how the ancient wisemen were ahead of modern science which much later has proven that tides are connected with the Moon. The name of Maitry is from sanskrit and means renewing life-giving force. This name symbolize communality of the image for many cultures. She is Isis and Lakshmi and Great Mother of Huron Indian and Tonakosioatl of Aztecs. Eternal, divine feminine origin.

Temptation with fruit

Temptation with fruit

Adam and Eve, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in the African interpretation. Various allegories always connected the snake with a tree of a life and the first person. These themes could be encountered in legends of all world, but interestingly that snake is always wise and deeply esteemed in them. Ophytes considered, that it is necessary to thank constantly the snake for the invaluable contribution to development of human knowledge and wisdom. For this reason names Snake or Dragon were given to the Wise men, the devoted Adherents. Vessels hanging above the ground, mean the beginning of involution of spirit in a matter, they are opened, and the supreme energy sleeping in them till a time, will begin the distribution as soon as the woman will tear off a fruit. Here the last second of silence, fragile balance of a dream which happens right before the awakening is embodied.

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba searches for mandrake in Israeli desert

Legend narrates about visit of the queen to the king Solomon and how she showed her wisdom equal to that of Solomon and so gained respect of the legendary king and her land had peace and rest. Also the special skill of the Sheba queen is mentioned which she got from the devoted hierophants. Using various herbs including mandrake root she used to cure people.


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