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The essential which is hidden from sight

I do not look at the real shape of the things. I instead try to capture its ideal form with chromatic effects and project its meaning towards a specific direction. I feel the light like a thick portion of atmosphere, as a soft and enveloping flow. The image in the traditional sense do not exist, the only way to obtain it is through multiple hint-images. These fragments dynamically change at each glance, gain in intensity but always hiding their secrets.
My works are mainly mixed media crafts (acrylic on recycled wood), but I also create small sculptures by extracting fragments from the paintings.
Web site: Giuseppe Ligato’s Frammenti Policromi
Equilibrio Imperfetto 1
Equilibrio Imperfetto 2
Equilibrio Imperfetto 3
Equilibrio Imperfetto 4
Equilibrio Imperfetto 5
Equilibrio Imperfetto 6
Equilibrio Imperfetto 7
Equilibrio Imperfetto 8
Frammenti 3D 1
Frammenti 3D 2
Frammenti 3D 3
Frammenti 3D 4
Frammenti Policromi