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Estonian/Latvian artist Agnes Liping hides her biggest secrets in paintings

Agnes’s creative process includes mixing techniques – acrylic and oil – this creative process gives light and keeps up depth and dynamics. Artistic language reveals personality of the artist and express her experience and yearning.


Agnes_Liping_resized Agnes Liping Indiānis 60x50_resized Agnes Liping 70x50cm_resized Agnes Liping 70x50cm Putniņš_resized Agnes Liping 40x40 cm_resized In studio AgnesLiping_2015-Find The Bird-Oil on canvas AgnesLiping_120x120cm_Oil on canvas Agnes_Liping_The_Lonely_One_Oil on canvas fragment2 Rīta gaismā_ Agnes Liping_Oil on canvas Agnes Liping_110x110cm_Oil on canvas_TuJūraUnEs Agnes Liping_120x120cm_Oil on canvas Agnes Lipng _Oil on canvas Agnes Lipng In Studio Agnes Lipng_Oil on canvas Agnes_Liping_Soul_Bird_oil_on_canvas_160x110cm agnesliping2014 Agnes_Liping_2015_Evacuation_120x100 cm Agnes_Liping_160x110cm Agnes Liping paper_chalk_100x100cm Agnes Liping Oil on canvas 60x60 cm
“When we think about something in our past, about something that you would never tell to even closest ones – we discover that – some of memories are deep-seated and sharp, some already become blurry and abstruse. Secrets covers us in layers and we have to do something with that, scream them to the world! On a moment that seems like an option… I decided to take them and use as material for this series. I coded my deepest secrets in paintings, each painting is my personal story hard-coded on canvas.”