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Eszter Anna Vörös , Dream-like Fantasy Illustrations

Hungary-based Artist Eszter Anna Vörös Creates Dream-like Fantasy Illustrations

“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real”. Originally a saying by Pablo Picasso, it became the motto of what I do. Ever since January 2014, I have been living my dream. Quite literally, as my very first picture was inspired by a dream I had – dark, shadow-like silhouettes of horses and a toddler climbing on top of a roof. I refer to my pictures “tales for adults”; as they often deliver a message that can fully be decoded by adults rather than children. Initially I didn’t add colour to my works; it developed later on. After working with pastels and markers for about a year, I started to experiment with acrylic on canvas. These are my newest paintings up to date.

I publish my work on my FB page: www.facebook.com/eszterannaswonderland. A more serious web page is in the making as well. I like to connect and communicate with my audience.

I am very happy to have been constantly exhibiting my work in my country, Hungary, in my home town, neighbouring cities and even our capital, Budapest. I am working very hard to improve my skills and one day I hope to have individual exhibitions abroad as well. I want to reach out to as many people as possible and gather those around me who appreciate what I do and are happy to decode the hidden messages and meanings which can be found in my paintings and drawings.

https://www.facebook.com/eszterannaswonderland   , http://eyciirve.tumblr.com/