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Event Horizon – Paintings by Anna Caruso

My work revolves around the dialogue between memories, both past and present, and individual space. I’ve been drawing unlikely spaces yet, at the same time they can be easily linked back to reality.
The specific place is not relevant, nor can the human presence define the substance. The key of the representation is the dilemma of inappropriateness we constantly feel as human beings, our fears and yearnings to belong in the same place. That place is identified through structural elements that the observer will recognize as watch towers, which symbolize looking beyond. The use of architectural elements deprived of their real position, adds an urban dimension to my work that leads the observer to think about human beings, even if they are not represented in the composition itself. The figures used, inspired by old vintage photos, are painted in shades of grey and purposely isolated from their own context; as a warning and suspended dialogue with the present day. White canvas costars alongside painted surfaces and holds the same communicative value.
I use transparency and overlapping in order to represent simultaneity. I want the observer to be drawn away from the reality of what is being shown to him and led back to an imaginary place within. Direction, space and anticipation: these are the focal points of my compositions; as we search for
our own identities and meanings. The outcome of this quest is never a straight answer or a reassuring image. My palette uses limited colours because I want to establish a dialogue with the observer, who will try to compensate the missing pieces in the image, filling in the blank parts with his or her own being, no matter if it’s black and white or multi-coloured.