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The Evil Eyes, a series of acrylic paintings from Madeliefie Art

This is a series of paintings I made in acrylic, with pencil and oil details.

The name of the series is “The Evil Eyes”, and I focused on painting the human eye.

A presence of a lot of eyes in a room can give a person a sense that he or she is being watched and because of it people tend to act more morally.

I paint using big strokes of the brushes and even though most artists tend not to use solely black and white paint, I love putting an accent on their presence.
I love painting with feeling; the shades I use usually reflect my emotional state and I always try to bring some of my energy into my works of art so it can be transferred to the viewer. This is also one of the reasons why the eyes are painted in all the different colors. They are painted at different times, so even though it is the same motive, the feelings while I painted were different.

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