Evocation Vs. Transcription | Greg Skol

Evocation Vs. Transcription | Greg Skol.

“It is not transcription that my work is about, it is evocation.” As my work changes and as time passes….. this remains a fundamental truth.

Thomas Cole (founder, artist) of the Hudson River School of painting ~ worked from memory and written notes to himself on color and impressions of sites, working from the “veil of memory”. I have always worked the landscapes (in all the various Series) in my work the same way…. the other elements in the work are also subject to this process….. although the veil need not be personal memory but collective.

Overall, the work is about the stories (both known and unknown),specifically the places which hold those memories and stories…. the landscapes…. are containers and “evidence” of where lives that pass through this world…. whether we have “access” to actual stories or super-impose stories onto these…. everything is stamped with our humanity.

The small scale of the work is mostly about intimacy. I relate that to reading and looking at images in books. That experience is a personal one, an intimate one. Viewing work on the small scale is akin to that. Up close, the world around you dissolves… peripheral vision becomes lessened…. and eventually it is only the viewer and the work. Inviting the viewer to come closer and have an intimate experience.

Evocation Vs. Transcription | Greg Skol

About Blue ~ Oil on Panel ` 6×6 Inches

Evocation Vs. Transcription | Greg Skol

Howl ~ Oil on Panel ~ 6×6 Inches


Roots of Rhythm ~ Oil on Panel ~ 6×6 Inches


Morning ~ Oil on Panel ~ 6×6 Inches

Pacifica ~ Oil on Panel ~ 6×6 Inches

Big Sky ~ Oil on Panel ~ 6×6 Inches

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