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Evolution =


Concept: To show a kind of image, archetype of the world. The world, where the Christian view of creation and the Great Flood, and the evolution scientific theories about the marine origin of all life are intertwined. Angle of view, in which the plot is presented, gives the sensation of a detached observer, who can see the beginning of the world, the creation of beings. A catastrophe happens before any civilization occurs. The end of world leads to the state of “nothingness”, which shows the spiral development of events and gives a feeling of completeness and eternity to this process. The development of the world is completed and suspended, so the viewer can return to any time point and observe the development of events. While the author studies the world, it will be supplemented with other noticed creatures and events between the defined points of the beginning and the end. The picture names deliberately use a distorted Latin language and jumbled scientific terms to denote creatures. Some possible morphs, similar to the real objects, are imagined. This world gave them birth and they have pseudo-Latin names either.

Evolution =

Annotation: Evolution. The history of life origin, nascence of morphs and decline of civilization.

Libretto: Beginning of evolution. Lyrical beginning, “nothing.” The first days of world. Birth of new marine “beings” and life-forms. Growing drama in nature, as a harbinger of events. Catastrophe and decline of the frustrated civilization.


De historia ad originem vitae et originem morph civilization solis occasum.
libello conlocata:
Initium ad unitatem essentiae.
Lyric In principio, ‘nihil.’
Dies prima mundi.
Et novae nativitatis ‘creaturae “et formae a mari usque ad fontem vitae.
Resurgens actio in natura, sicut ex certe destinarat purgandis mentibus praepositam.
Et malum esse declines ad humanum cultum deductis.


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