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Exclusive handcrafted Crochet Jewellery | Whispering Threads by Pratibha

Exclusive handcrafted Crochet Jewellery – Whispering Threads by Pratibha

Handcrafted Crochet Jewellery. These are exquisite, expressive forms, made out of fluid yet vivid threads. Each creation kindles an attitude and silently whispers it’s articulations in ears of the onlooker. Vibrant colours, threads of heirloom quality, and embellishments that compliment the exclusivity, come together to create these crocheted pieces.

These crocheted jewellery designs speak to everyone, from the young & sassy to the independent, composed & confident; from the tough & adventurous to the tender, natural beauties; from the self-indulgent leaders to the caring & nurturing mothers.

The themes range from being bohemian, to classy-elegant, to festive-majestic and many more!!!

Whispering Threads by Pratibha

Fuchsia pink Grand jhumkas

Earthy Jhumkas with golden trims

Forest green chandelier earrings

Rust crochet danglers with green accents

White spiral earrings with blue accents

White crochet earrings with turquoise beads



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