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Experimental Photography

The german designer and photographer Julia Schuler creates colorful and expressive experimental photographs.

In her powerful and intense photographs she combines experimental photography, graphic design and digital image processing to create vivid structures, in which the visual border between photography and painting becomes blurred. The decorative effect arises out of the interaction of colours and shapes and the composition of the art works, which capture the viewers’ eye by purposely bringing colours of accent and contrast into action.
Each of her art works has its origin in an exposure of two pictures she shoots first and then emphasizes the textures by digital image processing. The actual item often exposes only when you take a second look.
In her work she mirrors the sensory overload of modern life.

YangonNo.4 Yangon Diptychon No3 Yangon Diptychon No1 Pink Orchid No14 Nude lateral between fig leaves No2 Mercedes 280 W 111 No20 Mercedes 220 A No1 Marmorsaal No11 Fernsehturm No7 amor und psyche No8 Actias selene No4