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Expressionism and Surrealism | Esperanza Manzanera Ferrándiz

Expressionism and Surrealism | Esperanza Manzanera Ferrándiz.

I like to call my style with a word that I have invented myself because none of the existing ones satisfied me. This neologism is photoimagination. I use different techniques (digital collage, effects, compositions) that I apply to my photographs and my main influences come from the fantastic art of Magritte, Giorgio De Chirico, Georgia O’Keeffe, Remedios Varo, James Ensor, Man Ray, Duane Michals…
… It could be said that Expressionism and Surrealism are the artistic currents most related to my work.

A girl runs trying to escape her own nightmare, in the shapeless form of terror. Again, the confinement, the health and economic crisis to which the pandemic has led us, has had its collateral effect on those previously considered the least vulnerable: children. His emotional depression and illusions, his fear of the outside and of illness, are issues that this work wants to reflect.
And they constitute an issue that society must face and take care of especially, if it wants
there to be no sequels in the future.

For all those who leaved without a hu. Within the context of the pandemic in Spain, this photo collage explores the void left by all those who, due to the mandatory isolation decreed by the health authorities, left life without the embrace and affection of their family and friends. It is about the image of a phone off the hook against the background of a cemetery of niches and it wants to reflect the total interruption of communication of those who remain, who are left without their own.

If I have to go, it is part of my personal photographic project Partir (leave). It reflects the feelings generated from my arrival in the popular Zaidín neighborhood of Granada. It is a neighborhood whose life bustles around every corner, a neighborhood that is friendly to dogs and children, and in which many elderly people live. The pandemic that we are suffering, with special mockery in this sector of the population, has made many of them no longer able to step on the streets of the neighborhood. Always with a touch of magical realism or fantasy, this series is my tribute to the elderly in such a difficult situation.
The hotel room, digital photo manipulation.
It is by far my most popular work and it was part of the Invisibilized Fabrics Exhibition, at La Oficina de Almería, curated by the photographer Ana Cayuela M.
Honorable Mention in the Open Call of the Life Framer platform. The judge has been the British photographer Martin Parr.
The hotel room was posted by the American film director Tom Van Avermaet on his Instagram account and by the Australian Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. It continues to repost itself and distribute its various meanings around the world.
This photograph that is close to painting belongs to the RED series, whose images, focusing on the most tense color of the spectrum, want to bring to light a society devastated by consumerism, lack of solidarity and pandemic. Here, and individually, a man burns in flames without the rain falling from the sky being able to extinguish that fury, because in this case it is a fire that arises from within the individual, from the fury and frustration of a world in which there is no room for everyone.

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