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Expressive figure and landscape, pastel and acrylic, paintings by Raheleh Bagheri


I usually don’t plan things in advance , I just let it happen . Sometimes waiting , sometimes wandering around until the right moment arrives . It arrives when I feel energy , accumulated from that precise time and place , in my body , then I immediately start a performance .

My recent works is the war between who i was and who I’m now .The new experience living at the USA as an I’m Iranian , trying to break the old traditional and work free .

Some of my subject matter is about woman and a comment on a woman nature and her body . and since Ive been a fan of expressive figures .

My art works tends to focus on the layer of colors and rhythm , and reproduces familiar visual sings . None of it was intentional it all developed and evolved over time . people always ask for my artist statements so I needed to do one but Ive never like to explain the certain piece of my work if you are made a picture and that’s how you wanted to be , hopefully it can speak for itself and what ever it says to the viewers it is the right message because there is not a wrong and a right message . Each person takes something a little different from the same picture and I’m happy .

https://ralyart.see.me/atp2013 ,