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“the face is the canvas life paints on.” Georg Wachberg

Georg Wachberg

many of the pictures have their eyes closed and relatively often the question pops up whether they are dead. i would not have a problem painting dead people, but i am interested much more in life. the faces have their eyes closed because they pray and meditate. it is this moment when all the worries, sadness as well as the greed and ambition move and make room for something that seems more profound to me: inner peace.

years ago i used to paint real people, but now almost all my pictures to not resemble anyone. they are the offspring of my imagination, or better to say their features derive from the many people i see every day. a young woman would lend me the shape of a nostril, an old man might give me the shadow underneath his eyes, a third a structure of wrinkles on the forehead.

in the entire universe known to us there is no other thing as interesting as us, the human beings on this small, blue planet. and what part of us could be more fascinating than our … face.

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