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FACEBOOK BOYS by Daniel Acosta


“FACEBOOK BOYS” by Daniel Acosta


2011-Malka 2011-Mauricio 2014-Nicolás 2012-Nico 2013-Kevin 2014-Damián

-“FACEBOOK BOYS” by Daniel Acosta-

“Esse est percipi aut percipere” (To be is to be seen)  George Berkeley, 18thCentury-England.
Today social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and globalization validate more than ever this philosophical premise of three centuries ago: you exist as long as you’re perceived.
For this project I took pictures posted by friends on their Facebook pages and do ​​their portraits.
“Malka”  80×80 cms. (acrylic on canvas)
“Mauricio” 60×80 cms. (acrylic on canvas)
“Nicolás” 60×100 cms. (acrylic on canvas)
“Nico” (pencil on cardboard)
“Kevin” (colored pencil on black paper)
“Damian” (watercolor pencil and ink on yellow paper)