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Faithful Dioramas of Iconic Photos

Faithful Dioramas of Iconic Photos

It all started with the ambition to recreate the world’s most expensive photograph. This was the beginning of Ikonen, an ambitious project by commercial photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger to recreate iconic historical scenes in miniature. “Every field has its icons, guiding stars, which reflect the spirit of time in form, media and content,” says the photographers. Cortis and Sonderegger usually pull away from their miniature stuff at the very end, revealing what each photograph actually is: paper, cotton balls and plastic.

alrdin CIS2555_B CIS3473 CIS4124 CIS7620_B CIS8600_A domaine Ikonen_Fussabdruck_Mond0525 Ikonen_Hindenburg0603

Via (Thisiscolossal.com)

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