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FAME! project

FAME! (HUNGER!) is a unique exhibit which highlights the dark side of nourishing on our planet, focusing on eating disorders and food-related neuroses and, by extension, on every other kind of appetite we experience daily: for success, money, sex and so on.

What am I hungry for? is the simple question we should ask ourselves; What’s the real need?

Nobody eats simply to satisfy biological hunger; in other words, we mix emotions and food and we use the latter to deal with our emotions. Therefore, eating becomes a way to satisfy almost all of our needs.

FAME! (HUNGER!) reflects, in universal terms, a personal need felt by Monica Marioni, it is the fruit of intensely experiencing a creative hunger, so profound and so structural that it requires concealment. Authors like Franz Kafka and Knut Hamsun have created characters in whom hunger and fasting perform themselves simultaneously with satisfying or seeking to satisfy a need for expression: hunger is the object and at the same time the subject of the performance, namely it is what is performed on stage and what allows for the scene itself to be staged.

FAME! di quiete FAMI! Peso quindi (non) sono - detail Peso quindi (non) sono FAME! - Diario d'artista