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Family, folklore, childhood and fairy tales through Armenian artist Sevada Grigoryan’s detailed and colorful figurative paintings

Family, folklore, childhood and fairy tales

As a child the world seems more colorful, and colors seem much brighter. Through the innocent eyes of a child, life resembles a fairytale, where kindness, peace, and love reign, where beautiful princesses undoubtedly find their knights. In my paintings, I seek to capture that beautiful dreamlike world, the one we all once discovered as both amazing and exciting.

I believe in art evoked by genuine feelings. My paintings are the reflection of my inner world, things that happen around me and the life left behind. Through the years, various memories, events, and impressions go through a process of crystallization inside of me, and eventually pass to another state of existence: my artworks.

In my paintings, I use a mixture of various paints, including acrylics, oil paints, gouache and ink. Detailing is a significant part of my style, as it enables me to transfer my love and care to the painting. There are also elements of eastern cultures, primarily Armenian folklore, which I use in my decorations.

One of the central themes of my paintings is family. I liken the harmony in a family to that of nature. Whether it is a hard-working father, a loving mother, or a happy childhood scene, I try to immortalize a piece of that perfect harmony. I full heartedly believe that the beauty along with faith will save the world.

The apricot has blossomed Sevada Grigoryan armenia #artpeople

Sevada Grigoryan (Arm. Սևադա Գրիգորյան) is an Armenian artist, born in 1959. He graduated from Yerevan State Pedagogical University, majoring in Fine Arts. Sevada is a member of Artists’ Union of Armenia and “UNESCO” International Federation of Artists in France. Sevada has held exhibitions throughout Japan, China, Russia and the USA, at venues including Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe, Datian Art Gallery at M50, Shanghai and Central House of Artist in Moscow.

The apricot has blossomed Sevada Grigoryan armenia #artpeople

In 2014 DongDong and LuLu artist residency program invited Sevada to live in Nanjing, China. During his time in China he painted over a dozen paintings and participated in multiple exhibitions in different cities of China: Ningbo, Changsha, Jiashan and Shanghai.  Sevada’s paintings are included in some public collections, most notably Russian Embassy in Armenia, Sandy Education District in Salt Lake City, Municipality of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, Armenian Apostolic Church in Pyatigorsk, Russia, Jermuk City Municipality and Armenia’s United Nations Dining Hall.

Sevada Grigoryan Family art

Sevada Grigoryan Evening Melody

2012, 50x35 cm, mixed media on canvas

Toward Homeland

Sevada Grigoryan Awakening acrylic painting

Peace Sevada Grigoryan

At present Sevada continues to live and create his artworks in Nanjing.http://www.sevada.am/